Your Trusted Psychedelics Team

We’ve assembled a unique mix of disciplines ranging from product development and data science to marketing under one roof that gives us a unique ability to conduct research and make it easily understood by the public.

Our Staff

Dr. Matthew X. Lowe

Matthew X. Lowe, Ph.D. is the Executive Director & Chief Scientific Officer of Unlimited Sciences, and the Director of Research of the Realm of Caring Foundation. He received his doctorate in cognitive neuroscience and psychology at the University of Toronto, and has worked as a research scientist at MIT and Harvard Medical School. Prior to joining Unlimited Sciences, he was Research Director at Stanford University. Matthew has over a decade of experience and expertise conducting research across a range of topics in human behavior, brain function, and mental health. He is a passionate advocate for evidence-based research on natural medicines.

Evan Dohrmann

Evan Dohrmann is an executive leader with +15 experience working on behalf of industry leading premium coffee and food businesses. Evan is also the founder of Headwaters Yoga, a non-profit organization created to provide free yoga and mindfulness education to under-resourced youth in northeast Los Angeles. Evan believes that access to psychedelic medicine is an unalienable right, and that democratization of psychedelics will foster a healthier, more connected future.

Steven Huang

Steven Huang is our Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) Officer. Steven first joined our team in 2021. He has designed and implemented JEDI strategies for organizations across diverse industries, geographies and sizes. Currently, Steven works with MAPS as the organization's first JEDI Officer, where he focuses on bringing psychedelic healing to all, including marginalized communities, while simultaneously honoring the indigenous cultures from where plant medicines originates.

Trey Brasher

Trey Brasher is a pharmacology PhD student at UC Davis. Previously, Trey studied associations between psychedelics and positive psychology with a research team at Stockton University and fungal pant pathogens at Rutgers University. His academic research and expertise touch medicinal chemistry, psychopharmacology, drug policy, and neuroscience. In addition to his work at Unlimited Sciences, he is a graphic designer for the Chacruna Institute, works in an art and design capacity for Grassroots California, and does freelance design. Trey is most excited by the chemistry and pharmacology of novel psychoactive substances (NPS) and is looking forward to participating in the diversification of compounds being studied in clinical trials.

Holly Baumgartner-Parker

Holly has been involved in education for most of her life. She began her career as a teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and then transitioned to higher education, where she is a full-time faculty member in the School of Health Sciences at Purdue University Global Campus. She is a member of Psychedelic Professionals and dedicated much time advocating for the passage of Proposition 122 in Colorado. Her driving passion is helping people feel good. She is a certified nutrition coach and stress management counselor who has devoted many years of study to psychedelics easing end-of-life anxiety for those facing a terminal diagnosis. She strongly supports education and research into the power and potential of psychedelics to change lives.

Our Founders

Heather Jackson

Heather Jackson is the Co-Founder and President of Unlimited Sciences and Realm of Caring Foundation, an internationally acclaimed nonprofit primarily serving families who are dealing with life-limiting and chronic health conditions. Her mission, after helping her son transition from hospice to health, is to reimagine the way we think, talk, and respond to plant medicine and the people who use it. To that end, she is committed to innovative scientific research, building global communities and advancing demanded conversations about these life-changing approaches to health. She is an international speaker, published researcher and author, and her work has been featured on Dateline, 60 Minutes Australia and CNN with Dr. Sanjay Gupta as well as in the New York Times, National Geographic, TIME and Good Housekeeping.

Del Jolly

Del Jolly's plant medicine journey began after visiting The Realm of Caring in early 2016. After understanding the vast potential to help children and adults alike, Del dedicated his time to advocating for natural medicine. While working for Charlotte's Web Hemp oil, Del became the outreach director for Decriminalize Denver, the first of its kind legislation to pass the decriminalization of psilocybin. Since then, Del has worked tirelessly to recruit for the Unlimited Sciences/JHU study, was part of the Decriminalize Nature Boulder County steering committee, and has advocated for the decriminalization of all entheogens.

Our Advisors

We’ve assembled a professional advisory board of the best minds in psychedelics, therapy, medicine, law and human performance optimization.

Dr. Shannon Huges

Assistant Professor in Social Work, Colorado State University

Dr. Dan Engle

Medical Director, The Revive Treatment Centers of America

Dr. Danielle Sanchez-Wise

Medical Professional, Psilocybin Community Education, Decriminalize Denver

Jean-Paul O'Brien

Jean-Paul O'Brien

Executive Mentor

Prahlad Krishnan

Vice President of Bot Division, XSELL Technologies

Our Commitment

Unlimited Sciences is committed to informing public perception, education, policy, and practices through research while respecting the rich history and deeply rooted cultures of psychedelic use. Our mission is to use data-based methods to collect and analyze research from people using psychedelics for healing.

We are committed to:

  • Engaging in psychedelic reciprocity between traditional plant medicine and indigenous communities by fostering awareness and acknowledgment of a history that we honor and respect; 
  • Leverage Institutional Review Board (IRB) approved observational studies to work towards the legal acceptance of plant-based therapies for the purpose of equitable access for healing and affordability;
  • Expanding research, which may lead to potential breakthroughs across various conditions and disease states; 
  • Educating the public around harm reduction in a space where both perceived positive and negative experiences may exist;
  • Making data freely available to the public through peer reviewed publications;
  • Defeating the stigmatization that led to research-impeded regulatory control more so than the actual risks of psychedelic therapy.

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