Functional Mushroom Study

Unlimited Sciences Teams Up with Nonprofits in the Battle Against Epilepsy in Children

Beginning in January 2024, natural medicine research nonprofits Realm of Caring, Unlimited Sciences and Lily’s Lighthouse will collaborate to collect data for an observational study on the efficacy of the functional mushrooms Lion’s Mane and Reishi in treating epilepsy in children and adults. Read about our upcoming study here. 




Preliminary reports indicate some evidence that functional mushrooms such as Lion’s Mane (Hericium erinaceus) and Lingzhi/Reishi, (Ganoderma lucidum) show therapeutic potential in treating a range of health conditions. However, further research is critically needed. To understand the health benefits of functional mushrooms, Unlimited Sciences aims to conduct a multiphase investigation of functional mushrooms.




In collaboration with Lily’s Lighthouse, a family-led, 501(c)(3) qualified non-profit based out of San Clemente, Southern California with a drive to bridge the gap between traditional and nontraditional treatments for epilepsy, Unlimited Sciences will launch a retrospective study on Lion’s Mane and Reishi mushrooms.

Help us complete the funding to Lily’s Lighthouse retrospective study on epilepsy and functional mushrooms.

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