The future of psychedelic research.

We’re creating a collection of real-world data on psychedelic use so that we can better understand how to use psychedelics safely and effectively.


Our studies combine real-world lived experiences with the rigorous standards of academic research and bring this data back to the community.


Our research partners include leading institutions such as Johns Hopkins University, University of California San Francisco, Imperial College London, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Harvard.

We use data-based methods to collect data from people using psychedelics in the real world. We publish our findings to inform public perception, education, policy and practices.

The genesis of Unlimited Sciences began in 2013 when a group of mothers demanded access to medical cannabis for their children and started the nonprofit, Realm of Caring. Seven years later, they now have the world’s largest database on real-world cannabis usage and continue to help families improve their quality of life.


In light of the recent rebirth of psychedelic sciences, in late 2018, the founders of Unlimited Sciences saw a similar need: To collect scientific data and testimonials about how people use psychedelics in their lives. Unlimited Sciences as a psychedelic research nonprofit that combines the power of data and lived experiences to serve the community, educate the public, and inform common sense practices and policies.


Realm of Caring Foundation Inc 501(c)(3) is a fiscal sponsor of Unlimited Sciences.

Our Research Collaborators

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