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We’re proud that our partners and collaborators share a common belief that we can change the world if we understand how to use psychedelics safely and effectively.

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Dr. Bronners

“Dr. Bronner’s supports a variety of drug policy reform efforts, including especially the reduction of stigma and de-criminalization of psilocybin. We support Unlimited Sciences’ research which seeks to collect data and further understand how psilocybin benefits individuals in real-world settings, and we see their work as integral to the ultimate goal of making psilocybin and other entheogenic medicines available to people for the healing of deep mental, spiritual and emotional traumas.”

David Bronner Cosmic Engagement Officer (CEO)

Life Cykel Mushrooms

“With Life Cykel being apart of the mushroom biotechnology ecosystem it is important for us that we work collaboratively with like-minded and high ethos organizations. Partnering with Unlimited Sciences is an exciting example of this, their work is very important to the industry and the collective evolution of humanity.”

Julian Mitchell Co-founder & CEO


“When the center for thoughts and feelings (the mind) is in poor health, it creates a cascade of tragic outcomes and society pays the price. Thus, we have been supporting the exploration of therapeutic usages of psychedelics to develop medical and legal contexts to find cures for these conditions that are becoming more and more prevalent today. We are honored to have the ability to contribute to the work that Unlimited Sciences is doing to help this cause.”

Shane Heath Founder & Ceo


“Cured was founded in its deep belief in nature. As we continue to grow, it’s of the utmost importance that we play an active role in supporting breakthrough research, such as that on psychedelics being made possible by Unlimited Sciences”

Joesph Sheehey Founder & CEO