Sports Psychedelics Study

Sports Psychedelics

In 2023, Unlimited Sciences will conduct an observational research study with a group of NFL and MMA professional athletes who will engage in psychedelic therapy. 


The intent of the study is to explore whether psilocybin can benefit athletes, including physical and mental health conditions incurred throughout their career. Our goal is to assess potential benefits and risks of psychedelics, and expand this knowledge through publication of our findings to the general public.


By collecting data from participants who already plan to use psychedelic therapy, Unlimited Sciences aims to investigate variables and characteristics of the experience that could influence long-term effects and outcomes. This study will be IRB approved (Institutional Review Board Approved). 


Throughout the study, participants will have educational support available to them should they choose to access it. After completing each survey, they will also be compensated for their involvement in the study. Participants are volunteers and can withdraw from the study at any time.


If you believe you qualify, you are invited to fill out your information below to be contacted once the pre-screening process for this study begins.

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