The Unlimited Sciences Story: A Message From Our Founders

How We Started

In 2012, two mothers shared a hospice counselor. Their children both had severe seizure disorders and they were not expected to live into adulthood. Heather Jackson and Paige Figi shifted their focus to improving their children’s quality of life exploring cannabinoid (CBD) therapy. Both of their children improved. Jackson’s son experienced complete remission from his seizures. Paige’s daughter, Charlotte was the inspiration for what has become one of the largest CBD companies to date – Charlotte’s Web

To help other families, Jackson and Figi started the Realm of Caring Foundation in Colorado Springs. The primary focus of the Foundation was to study how families used cannabinoid therapy – in states where it was legal. From their study, they analyzed a wide variety of information, including what products participants use, how it affects their quality of life, and how their symptoms may have changed due to cannabis therapy.

Ultimately, they developed the world’s largest repository of real-world data on cannabis use. From their research findings and public presence, they were able to help change the public perception around cannabis in monumental ways. The Realm of Caring helped 22 states pass cannabis legislation in some form and collaborated with the world’s leading researchers on cannabinoids. Realm of Caring now serves over 65,000 families, has given over $500,000 back to families in need in the form of grants and leads educational programs for consumers, medical professionals, and the community about cannabinoid therapy. 

How We Found the Power of Psilocybin

Unfortunately, after nearly four years without seizures, Jackson’s son’s seizures returned (not uncommon with his severe syndrome) and she was devastated. When Zaki used to have a seizure she stayed calm, cool and collected, and attended to the task at-hand. Now, her heart would beat rapidly, she would sweat, and lose the ability to concentrate. Having faced 13 years of chronic stress and trauma, she needed to heal herself.

After researching “natural plants for healing trauma” she followed the internet crumbs to peer-reviewed articles about psilocybin (magic mushrooms). After careful research, she established the right set, setting, dosing and intention and embarked on a psilocybin therapy journey that would change her life forever. Inspired by her experience with psilocybin, she wanted to help advance the psychedelic therapy movement–fortunately she already had a successful formula from her experience at the Realm of Caring.

Unlimited Sciences: The Future of Psychedelic Research

Until very recently, there was a long silence in the field of psychedelic studies. Since the rebirth of this research, the potential for psilocybin as a natural alternative to pharmaceutical drugs has become more evident and cities around the country are voting to decriminalize psilocybin and other psychedelics. 

In January 2018, Jackson consulted with the effort to decriminalize psilocybin in Denver with Del Jolly, former business development manager at  Charlotte’s Web and David Champion, former Co-founder and CPO of Baker Technologies. Together, not only did they help make Denver the first US city to decriminalize psilocybin mushrooms, but they assembled a small group of thinkers, creators, and activists to form Unlimited Sciences.

In light of the recent rebirth of psychedelic sciences, we saw the need to collect scientific data and testimonials about how people use psychedelics in their lives. In late 2018, we founded Unlimited Sciences as a psychedelic research nonprofit that combines the power of data and lived experiences to serve the community, educate the public, and inform common-sense practices and policies. Harnessing our combined knowledge about data science and alternative medicines, our team believes that safe and sustainable psychedelic practices can help our society heal and live without limitations.

Real-World Psilocybin Mushroom Use Study

Since its inception, Unlimited Sciences has continued to raise funds and chose to forge a collaborative relationship with the Center for Psychedelic and Consciousness Research at Johns Hopkins Medicine – the first research center of its kind in the U.S. 

While the Center at Johns Hopkins has been studying the controlled use of psilocybin in labs, there is not enough research around how psilocybin is used in a naturalistic setting or how the experience that psilocybin invokes can be offered safely at scale. Our team acknowledged that in order to advance the cause, we needed to do this research ourselves. Since then, we’ve developed an IRB-approved study that will be conducted by scientists at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, in collaboration with Unlimited Sciences. 

The goal of the study is to learn more about the positive and/or negative outcomes of using psilocybin in naturalistic settings (meaning outside a research laboratory), and any potential factors that could affect those outcomes. By collecting data from individuals who are already planning to use psilocybin, we aim to investigate variables such as demographics, lifestyle, mindset, and personality traits. In addition, we want to know more about the characteristics of the experience itself such as dosage, ingestion method, intention, guidance, and setting–all of which could influence psilocybin’s short- and long-term effects. 

The study will be released in March 2020 and anyone who is intending on having a psilocybin experience in the near future, is 18 years old or older and can read and write English fluently is welcome to participate. While we are starting with psilocybin, we have plans for conducting future studies on other types of psychedelics. 

We’re On A Mission

Ultimately, we’re on a mission to pursue new kinds of psychedelic research in order to unlock the unlimited  potential of psychedelics. Armed with data and stories of how people use psychedelics, the scientific community can hopefully find alternative solutions to the widespread mental health epidemics plaguing our country and the world-at-large.

Fortunately, we’re not alone in this effort. As a nonprofit, we are aided by in-kind donations, grants, and people like you–people who understand that the most effective way of unlocking the power of plant medicine is through continued research and new scientific discoveries. 

Thank you for joining US on our mission.

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