Unlimited Voices: Building Community Through Psychedelics

On April 10, we launched the first segment of our new LIVE webinar series, Unlimited Voices: real-world psychedelic conversations for everyone. By creating a platform where anyone can safely ask questions and get accurate answers from experts in psychedelic-related fields, we hope to cultivate a truly inclusive community.

The first Unlimited Voices: Building Community Through Psychedelics focused on the theme of “community” — ways that we can continue to build community and integrate lessons from plant medicine, in light of the challenges posed by the current pandemic. To offer expert insights on this subject, we were joined by co-founder of Thank You Plant Medicine, Jonathan Glazer, co-founder and director of Project New Day, Dr. Alli Feduccia, and Director of Marketing & Strategy for High Existence, Mike Slavin. In case you missed the webinar, check out the full recording.

Overall, we were thrilled to have over 137 registrants from countries all over the world including: Thailand, Canada, Bulgaria, United Kingdom, South Africa, Israel, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Netherlands, Nepal, Greece, and Jamaica.

One of our favorite moments from the webinar was when an attendee asked for advice about taking psychedelics during quarantine. Our panelists had some powerful words of wisdom about acknowledging your set, setting, state of mind and emotions before deciding to embark on a psychedelic experience always, but especially right now. Check out that clip on our Instagram feed.

Some of our attendees also asked about upcoming virtual retreat opportunities. On April 24-26, HighExistence is hosting Metamorphosis: a free 3-day “stay at home” retreat for empowerment, resilience, and meaning during these transformative times.You can learn more and claim your seat here.

If you missed our first webinar, you can catch the next Unlimited Voices: Media, Public Perception, and Psychedelics on April 30 at 12:00 MDT. We’ll discuss how the media has shaped the public’s opinion of psychedelics in the past and how we can accurately represent psychedelics in the media moving forward. To offer brilliant insights on this topic, we’re honored to be joined by by film producer, musician and host of Gaia’s Psychedelica, Ben Stewart; Producer of The Healing Powers and Media Director at Lucid News, Mareesa Stertz; and Emmy award winning journalist, Cyndi Lundeberg.

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