Unlimited Sciences is a research non-profit combining academic study and real world experiences to create the largest self-reported psilocybin research program.

We listen for stories and data shared by individuals using psilocybin in their naturalistic setting. We use data science and machine learning techniques to comprehend this information and find patterns that could lead to new insights. We publish what we have learned so the global community can learn with us and begin to engage with psilocybin more safely and productively.



Following a long silence in the field of psychedelic studies, we are entering a new period of medical interest in these compounds. Psilocybin is at the forefront of a new swell of research, indicating promising results for people suffering from:

Beyond medical applications, people report enhanced creativity, problem-solving and a host of other cognitive benefits and result in millions continuing to use psilocybin despite it being illegal in most parts of the world.

While researchers widely agree that psilocybin is non-addictive and among the least toxic of the controlled substances, the psychedelic mushroom experience can be extremely challenging in the wrong conditions.

“At this point, the data suggest that the potential therapeutic benefits of psilocybin-assisted therapy are real and of potential medical and public health significance”
— Griffiths, Johnson, Henningfield (JHU) & Hendricks (UAB)

About US

Our goal is to discover which characteristics of a psilocybin journey can be controlled to predictably lead to a productive and harm-free experience.

We aim to accomplish this goal by engaging the global community to self-report via a range of ongoing studies, surveys and technology applications. Our team has expertise in data science and machine learning; techniques we use to discover relevant patterns that can lead to the discovery of helpful insights for predicting psilocybin outcomes. Our methods and findings will be published as globally-available educational material and distributed through a network of publishing partners.

Unlimited Sciences is a nonprofit enacted as fiscal sponsor of Realm of Caring, a 501(c)(3) leading similar studies in the medical cannabis space.


Guides & Therapists

If you are a guide or therapist leveraging psilocybin with your clients or patients, we invite you to be a part of this work! Join us in building the largest psilocybin research study in the world by sharing your ideas:



US is a donation-based organization, relying on the support of our global community to perform this research. Your contribution of any size is sincerely appreciated by the Unlimited Sciences team and all who will benefit.