Recruiting Participants for Real-World Psilocybin Mushroom Study

After more than a year of collaboration with the Center for Psychedelic and Consciousness Research at Johns Hopkins Medicine, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of our groundbreaking Real-World Psilocybin Mushroom Study.

The Need For More Research

The Center at Johns Hopkins University has studied psilocybin and other psychedelics in the laboratory setting for decades, and brings academically sanctioned and internationally acclaimed rigor to this field of study. Johns Hopkins—recognized worldwide as one of the leaders in psychedelic research—in 2000 was the first to obtain regulatory approval in the United States to reinitiate research with psychedelics in healthy, psychedelic-native volunteers. 

Our study will bring to light critical data around how individuals use psilocybin for therapeutic, recreational, or medical purposes outside the lab. Ultimately, the results from this study are essential to expanding on existing research, educating the public, and informing common-sense practices and policies.

“Studies exist showing the benefits of psilocybin for depression, smoking cessation, and cancer-related distress in the lab, among other things. But because our research is ‘real-world’, allowing participants to enroll for any reason and participate in any setting, we will learn unprecedented new details about how individuals are choosing to use this substance. Through our time listening to the community we have heard anecdotes of people using psilocybin for depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, and chronic pain, among other conditions. We hope to grow our understanding with a large sample set.”

Del Jolly, co-founder and director of Unlimited Sciences

Study Details

By collecting data from more than 1,000 individuals, 18 years and older, who are already planning to use psilocybin, we aim to investigate variables such as demographics, lifestyle, mindset, and personality traits. Additionally, we want to know more about the characteristics of the experience itself such as dosage, ingestion method, intention, guidance, and setting–all of which could influence psilocybin’s short- and long-term effects. 

In order to make the study scientifically significant and advance psychedelic science, we need as many people as possible to participate.  If you are intending on having a psilocybin experience in the near future, are 18 years or older, and can read and write English fluently, we encourage you to participate. Please note, this study is designed for individuals who are planning to take psilocybin in a single-dose session and is not designed for a recurring microdosing regimen.

Participating in the study is simple. It will include up to 5 surveys over the course of three months and you can opt-out or reschedule at any time. Your first survey could take up to 40 minutes and each additional survey should take much less time. Your responses are held in a HIPPA compliant platform and none of your personally identifiable information will be shared with anyone outside of Johns Hopkins University study team and the results will be published anonymously. After 6 months, your email will also be deleted. 

Why Your Participation Matters

Participation in the study will contribute to the evolution of groundbreaking scientific knowledge about the real-world conditions and outcomes of psilocybin use. Additionally, we’re offering a range of discounts and promotions from a carefully selected and aligned group of partner companies. Read the press release here.

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