Unlimited Voices: Media, Public Perception, and Psychedelics

The the last Unlimited Voices: Media, Public Perception, and Psychedelics, we discussed how the media has shaped the public’s opinion of psychedelics in the past and how we can accurately represent psychedelics in the media moving forward.

To offer brilliant insights on this topic, we were joined by by film producer, musician and host of Gaia’s Psychedelica and Limitless, Ben Stewart; Producer of The Healing Powers and Media Director at Lucid News, Mareesa Stertz; and Emmy award winning journalist, Cyndi Lundeberg.


We had an impressive 88 registrants from all over the world including the: U.S., Germany, Canada, France, Austria, Portugal, Spain, and Jamaica.

One of our favorite moments from the webinar was a discussion on how psychedelics can break through to mainstream media. Our brilliant guests offered insights on how decriminalization, science, and social proof could positively impact the widespread social acceptance of psychedelics in the media. Check out that clip here.

If you missed our first webinar, you can catch the next Unlimited Voices: Decriminalizing Psychedelics on May 8th at 12:00 MDT where we’ll be celebrating the one year anniversary of the decriminalization of psilocybin in Denver. On this special edition, we’ll discuss how that campaign helped ignite a movement to decriminalize psychedelics across more than 100 cities nationwide and what the future holds for the movement at-large. 

We’re honored to be joined by some of the most prominent leaders of the decriminalization movement: the Co-Founder of Decriminalize Nature OaklandCarlos Plazola; Co-Founder and Executive Director of SPOREKevin Mathews; and Iowa State RepresentativeJeff Shipley.

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