Unlimited Sciences Launches World’s First Info Line for Psychedelic Education

Psychedelic Research Nonprofit, Unlimited Sciences, Pioneers Toll-free Evidence-Based Education Line for Safe Psychedelic Exploration


Unlimited Sciences, Colorado’s leading psychedelic research nonprofit, debuts the first-of-its-kind Psychedelic Info Line, providing data-driven education and informed resources for individuals considering exploring psychedelics.


With the primary goal of improving outcomes and reducing harm by offering comprehensive information on natural psychedelics, the Psychedelic Info Line navigators share knowledge from an extensive research library of peer-reviewed studies with data sourced from thousands of participants worldwide, including the world’s largest naturalistic psilocybin study sponsored and conducted by Unlimited Sciences. Serving as a critical resource that no other organization provides, the Psychedelic Info Line offers informed answers to help people with their inquiries and make decisions before psychedelic use.


“The Psychedelic Info Line represents the culmination of years of high-impact research and dedication to advancing our understanding of psychedelics,” said Matthew X. Lowe, PhD, Executive Director at Unlimited Sciences. “We hope the first one-on-one education line of this nature will have a positive impact in helping individuals make more informed decisions about safely using psychedelics.”


Like the Cannabis Support Hotline provided by Unlimited Sciences’ parent nonprofit, Realm of Caring, the Psychedelic Info Line’s education specialists will not provide medical advice or encourage psychedelic consumption, rather they will foster a compassionate and supportive environment, striving to make every caller feel more capable in their quest for healing and self-discovery. Committed to community empowerment and safety, the Psychedelic Info Line is dedicated to educating and empowering the psychedelic community to navigate their journeys safely and responsibly.


“We know psychedelics can be safe and deeply meaningful when those seeking to use them are well-informed and approach them with care. Providing a compassionate source of knowledge for people exploring psychedelics for healing and personal growth is our mission,” said Lynn Marie Morski, MD, JD, Director of Education at Unlimited Sciences. “By helping to distill and distribute evidence-based information, we give callers the knowledge and power to make informed and responsible decisions with their healthcare providers.”


The Psychedelic Info Line was made possible through support received from The Wana Brands Foundation. Individuals who register through the Unlimited Sciences’ Client Portal receive access to exclusive educational resources including detailed guides on psychedelics, FAQs, and an extensive open-access research library. Call toll-free +1 888-210-3553 (Monday – Thursday from 8:00AM – 5:00PM MST) or email support@unlimitedsciences.org.


Read more about the Psychedelic Info Line in a featured article in The Denver Post.

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